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B.T. Electric Co. has recently completed a project for St. Margaret's Church, Rumford, RI, to convert all interior and exterior lighting to LED's.  We are very pleased with every phase of the project, from assessing needs, exploring options on site, and installation.  Care was taken to respect our Church pews and furnishings (requiring specially-sized scaffolding), work around our schedule of activities and limited resources.  I would not hesitate to recommend B.T. Electric for their thoroughly professional workmanship and client attentiveness.


Msgr. William J. McCaffrey
Pastor, St. Margaret’s Church,

Rumford, RI



B.T. Electric Company, Inc. came to our rescue when we had lost half our power in our underground main electrical service just after Christmas. Bob Tridenti, the owner/operator of the company, organized National Grid (our electrical utility company), our Town inspectors, and our insurance provider as part of a lengthy investigation effort and to re-connect full power to our home under very difficult circumstances and in terrible weather. B.T. Electric Company, Inc. came through in every respect, remained involved, committed, and resolute, and was a true partner to my family in all aspects of the effort of investigating our original problem and recommending and implementing solutions along the way.  I would recommend B.T. Electric Company, Inc. to anyone who needs an electrical contractor, you will be satisfied.


Joseph Farside


East Greenwich, RI



B.T. Electric Company has been our electrical contracting company for our commercial and complex heating projects.  One such instance, was a two boiler system for a high rise apartment building in Providence.  The system consisted of two 750,000 BTU boilers with staging controls for the boilers and main system circulator pumps. It was a complicated system and B.T. Electric worked with us and designed solutions to a complicated control system.

Allen Pacheco, President
Greenville, RI 02828



B.T. Electric Company has helped in wiring new equipment and replacing defective equipment in our dental office. They are always responsive when called upon for emergency work.

For example, we lost our office A.C. in the middle of the summer. Bob and his crew came and got us cooled off that same day. They are very courteous and polite. In addition, they always clean up so you would never know work was done. This is very important to us and our patients. It is a sign of excellence that they care about their work site after the job is done.


Dr. Ernest P. Votolato, DMD, MAGD

266 Wayland Ave

Providence, RI 02906



B.T. Electric Company has always come through when we needed him most.
Notably when we lost all of the electricity to our manufacturing plant when the 800 amp main circuit breaker blew apart. B. T. Electric was able to replace the main circuit breaker, organize with the local utility and
the local electrical inspector to restore power back on line by the next day, so that we were fully up and running within a 24 hour period. BTE also responds to all our emergency needs and system upgrades.


Steven McDonald
Plant Manager
Praxair Distribution, Inc
21 Steel Street
Slatersville, RI 02876
Ph. 401-767-3450
Fax. 401-766-9294




B.T. Electric has wired all my new residential and commercial projects from small office spaces to million-dollar residences. Bob Trident, the owner and his crews have handled every project with care in planning and designing a electric system that is not only cost effective but also meets the needs of my clients, most notably in the lighting design.

Al Scartabello
ACS Builders LLC

North Kingstown, RI

New Home Construction | Plan Design Services | Realtor

Frank Short Design & Renovation




I just wanted to share a couple of things with everyone regarding the work BT Electric has done.  I have been their main point of contact and I think that maybe I haven't shared with everyone all the things they have done.

They have done yeoman's work in regards to correcting Cobalt mistakes and Illegalities (do you know that if you touch a fire alarm without a permit, it is a felony?) changing wires and feeds to areas, moving switches and outlets and completely changing the look of the future hallway from Phase 1 to Phase 2.  Lastly, over the years (most prior to you purchasing the building), a number of electrical short cuts have been taken that have turned the electrical system of the building into a significant safety issue.  

I just wanted to share with each of you how impressed I have been with their professionalism and their commitment to safety.  They have done a very conscientious job in improving the safety of the workplace. 

So far, they have cleaned up the work for the Clear Story that Cobalt degraded.  Not to mention that Cobalt's touching of the smoke detectors was truly a criminal offense.


They have cleaned up the Rats Nest that was the wall between the main office and Phase 1.  Dead wires removed, redundant wiring corrected, junction boxes corrected, and any wiring possible moved up in the wall above head height to make that area a much safer area for a corridor and egress.


They have prepared the Clear Story / Phase 1 room for all future electrical needs.  Including working with Bob D. and John from Replay to plan their needs for each area.  The work has been done in such a way, and with Bob's and John's input, so that as power and data needs change over time, those changes can occur easily and cheaply.


They corrected an electrical panel that at some point had been illegally altered / cut and was a fire/electrocution hazard.  Someone installed a panel upside down, with the insides turned right side up (not sitting properly in the panel, and then cut out a section of the protective plating to retrofit a large breaker, covering the holes with plastic inserts and tape.


They found a panel buried in a wall that years ago was taken off the market (with significant attempts to find anyone with this panel in their home or place of business) because they caught fire.  Numerous deaths have been attributed to this panel.  They had been removed from the market back in the 70's and thought to have been totally removed from homes and businesses long ago.  This panel was still drawing current when they found it. 


They found at least 5 instances of live wires that had been buried in walls and not correctly terminated.  Again, a significant fire/electrocution issue.


They eliminated another panel that had been taken off the market because of fires.


I just thought this was worth mentioning.  845 Allens Avenue is a much safer workplace since BT Electric started working on this project.  I don't mean this to sound overly crazy, but they found a lot of issues and have in each case done the right thing.  I just wanted to share it with each of you.